We Love Steve

This page was created by and for the friends and family of Steve "Stiles" Chinn. On August 7, 2005, Steve suffered a brain aneurysm that ruptured and caused a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage, or stroke. He was rushed to Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, where the aneurysm was successfully clamped after several hours of surgery.

Steve's recovery is progressing steadily; he was moved out of the I.C.U. after less than two weeks and was moved to the rehab unit at Fairmont Hospital in San Leandro. On November 19, Steve had a second surgery at Highland to replace the skull fragment removed during his aneurysm surgery (restoring his head to its proper shape, yay!). And as of December 15th, Steve is now back at home with help from his dad, cousin, brothers, roommate and friends! To facilitate Steve's mobility, a wheelchair ramp made from recycled and new materials was installed at the back of the house, and a new sliding patio door was put in.

Anyone with photos, information, questions, or anything else to share or contribute, please contact Siobhan.

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